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Sport and physical activity is a key component of the curriculum at East Hills Boys High School and all of our students actively take part in these activities.

At our School, students in Years 7-11 are required to participate in a minimum of 150 minutes of planned moderate with some vigorous physical activity across the school week. This time includes planned weekly sport. Year 12 students are also encouraged to access a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate with some vigorous physical activity and sport.

As a school, we value and accept sport as a cornerstone to the development of a student’s social, physical, emotional and moral learning. It is an expression of our culture, a form of participation and enjoyment, and an opportunity to develop and refine skills.

Students have the opportunity to represent East Hills Boys High School at various inter-school sporting competitions. As a NSW public school we benefit from the opportunities for shared activities and competitions with other schools, coordinated by the NSW Combined High Schools Sports Association, the Sydney South West School Sports Association, and the Bankstown Zone Secondary School Sport Association.

See the School Sport Unit website for details.

Welcome back to all students, parents, and members of the community. I have no doubt this will be yet another successful year of sporting achievements at East Hills Boys High School.

The sporting year started out with the nomination of House Leaders by our year 12 students. I am very pleased to announce the following successful candidates to be leaders of their respective houses for 2023:

Amuna Ra    Abdul (Rizak) Alameddine and Rashad Shoueki

Jupiter          Abdihadi Jama and Haawy Hisham

Thor                   Tarek El Ashaal and Mohomed Hadid

Zeus                  Harjapan Singh and Hussein Chami

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