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Stage 5 PDHPE

Personal Development, Health And Physical Education in Stage 5 aims for students to:

  • evaluate a broad range of factors that shape identity and have an impact on young people’s health decisions, behaviours and actions plan and evaluate strategies and interventions and advocate for their own and others’ health, safety and wellbeing
  • assess their capacity to consider and respond positively to challenges and how they can contribute to caring, inclusive and respectful relationships
  • reflect on emotional responses in a variety of situations and demonstrate protective skills to promote health, safety and wellbeing and manage complex situations.

Practical components of the course allow for students to focus on using movement to satisfy personal needs and interests. Students will apply and transfer movement concepts, skills, strategies and tactics to new and challenging situations. They use feedback and criteria to make judgements about and refine their own and others’ specialised movement skills and performances. Additionally, students demonstrate leadership, fair play and cooperation across a range of movement contexts. They will adopt a variety of roles such as a leader, mentor, official, coach and team member to support and encourage the involvement of others.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education K-10 Syllabus


Year 9

Theoretical Components

- Shaping Identity

- Teen Talk

- Drugs: Reality & Risk

- Health for Life

Practical Components

- Hockey

- Cricket

- Athletics & Cross Country

- Touch Football

- Soft Lacrosse

- Soccer & Futsal

- Basketball & European Handball

Year 10

Theoretical Components

- Road Safety

- Movement Skills and Performance

- Respectuful Relationships: Rights and Responsibilities

- Building Resilience

Practical Components

- Softball

- Cricket

- Fitness & Athletics

- Movement Skills Exhibition Performance 

- Oztag

- Futsal

- Volleyball