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Meet the faculty

The English Faculty at East Hills Boys High School are a highly dedictated team who continually look to support and enrich the learning of our students. The English faculty are as follows:

- Mr Noah Melser (Head Teacher)

- Ms Rania Al-Azzawi

- Ms Julka Djokic

- Ms Madison Freer

- Mr Wesley Lai

- Mr Aiden Peake

- Mr Michael Pulciani

- Ms Mikaela Sheil


Events and Opportunities

In English we look for opportunities to build student appreciation and interest in the literature, film and texts of our world. We do this by providing enriching events and excursions throughout the year. These include:

Year 8 Poetry Competition:

In Year 8, students analyse Indigenous poetry and explore how identity and culture can be expressed through the written form. After this, students engage in a literary competition with the grade to show how well they can express who they are.


Pen to Paper Excursions

In Years 9 and 10 students can elect to do "Pen to Paper", an additional subject where they will have the opportunity to conduct interviews and research on a topic of their choice. In doing this, they will create a class-based journal that will be published each term. To support students in their research, they are taken out on excursions to build their understanding of their selected topic. They may be taken to places such as:

- Sydney Aquarium


- Mission Australia

- Taronga Zoo


Year 10 Shakespeare Excursion

In Year 10 students will study a Shakespeare play as part of their English course. For students keen to experience Shakespeare in action, they have the opportunity to go into the city and watch a play in the theatre. The play offered depends on the options provided each year.