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Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology

Course Description

The study of Industrial Technology provides students with opportunities to engage in a diverse range of creative and practical experiences using a variety of technologies widely available in industrial and domestic settings. Students may elect to study up to 2 of the following focus areas:

  • Electronics
  • Metal
  • Timber.

They develop knowledge and understanding of materials and processes. Related knowledge and skills are developed through a specialised approach to the tools, materials, equipment and techniques employed in the planning, development, construction and evaluation of quality practical projects and processes. Critical thinking skills are developed through engagement with creative practical problem-solving activities.

What students learn

Students develop knowledge relating to current and emerging technologies in industrial and domestic settings. They study the interrelationship of technologies, equipment and materials used in a variety of settings. They develop skills through project-based learning in the design, planning, management and production of practical projects. Students are provided with opportunities to have responsibility for their own learning through a range of student-centred learning experiences.

Students investigate Work Health and Safety (WHS) matters and related work environments while developing a range of skills that equip them for future learning, potential vocational pathways, and leisure and lifestyle activities involving technologies. The design and production of practical projects is communicated using a range of technologies.

Students are provided with a range of theoretical and practical experiences to develop knowledge and skills in a selected focus area. A design and production folio or engineering report is required for each practical project completed.