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Stage 4 PDHPE

Personal Development, Health And Physical Education in Stage 4 aims for students to:

  • recognise factors that influence changes and transitions and evaluate strategies to manage current and future challenges
  • analyse ways to cultivate resilience and demonstrate help-seeking strategies and behaviours to support themselves and others
  • recognise the characteristics of respectful relationships and the importance of belonging and connecting with others
  • investigate health practices, behaviours and resources and propose actions to promote health, safety and wellbeing for themselves and others in relation to a range of health and physical activity issues

Practical components of the course focus on developing student’s movement skills. They participate in a wide variety of moderate to vigorous physical activities to apply, adapt and vary movement skills with increased confidence and precision. Additionally, students will apply and refine skills to promote safety, collaboration, fair play and inclusivity in physical activity contexts. 

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education K-10 Syllabus


Year 7

Theoretical Components

- Adolescence and Change

- Get Active, Get Healthy

- Understanding Drugs

- First Aid 

Practical Components

- Modified Ball Games

- Fitness & Athletics

- Soccer & Futsal

- Tee Ball & Cricket

Year 8

Theoretical Components

- Respectful Relationships

- Health Matters

- Risky Business

- Managing Challenges 

Practical Components

- Softball & Hockey

- Athletics

- Oztag & Touch Football

- Volleyball & European Handball