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The TAS faculty at East Hills Boys High School is extremely well resourced with multiple learning spaces to support the delivery of an extensive and diverse curriculum.

Our facilities include:

  • four well-resourced and maintained workshops (3 Woodwork and 1 Metalwork/Electronics). Students have access to a wide range of traditional and contemporary tools and equipment whilst learning in an organised and safe environment
  • a dedicated construction learning space which provides authentic learning experiences in building and construction. Students gain skills and experience a realistic construction environment. The site includes a fully equipped construction shed and site office
  • two fully equipped and well-maintained commercial grade kitchens. Students from years 7-12 develop skills in food preparation and handling whilst utilising domestic and commercial standard equipment
  • two dedicated computer laboratories provide opportunities for students to develop skills and knowledge in software applications, robotics, coding and programming
  • multimedia studio that provides green screen and audio editing facilities to allow students to shoot, edit and produce videos
  • design space and advanced manufacturing centre which allows students to design, develop and produce their ideas using the latest technologies including 3D printing and laser cutting
  • agriculture plot where student cultivate and tend a variety of herbs and vegetables which are then used in the preparation of food products in the kitchens
  • engineering laboratory and graphics learning space