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Stage 6 Society and Culture

The central goal of Society and Culture Stage 6 is the development of social and cultural literacy and a clear understanding of the interaction of persons, societies, cultures, environments and time. The influence of other aspects of societies and cultures – including power, authority, identity, gender, technologies and globalisation – is also central to the course.

Society and Culture draws on cross-disciplinary concepts and social research methods from anthropology; communication; cultural and media studies; philosophy; social psychology; and sociology.

Society and Culture has direct relevance to the immediate needs of students and to their future lives by enabling them to develop understanding of:

·  themselves

·  their own society and culture

·  the societies and cultures of others.

Students are provided with essential concepts, skills, competencies and knowledge to encourage a process of independent thinking that can be used to explain patterns of behaviour, solve problems, and engage in and actively contribute to all levels of society.

Society and Culture is a conceptually based course that promotes students' awareness of the cultural continuities and changes within societies and cultures. It provides them with skills to critically analyse social theories and complementary and contrasting viewpoints about people, societies and cultures. Society and Culture promotes an awareness of individuals, groups and institutions and facilitates intercultural understanding and communication.

Society and Culture encourages students to manage their own learning, including opportunities to experience working within teams. In allowing students to study in areas of direct relevance to their lives, Society and Culture contributes greatly to the promotion of lifelong learning, providing opportunities for students to acquire a range of skills to support such learning.

The study of Society and Culture prepares students for adult life by developing knowledge, understanding, skills and other qualities associated with effective citizenship at local, national, regional and global levels. In so doing, it forms a basis for moving towards a more just society through positive participation in community life and attaining social and cultural literacy.

Society and Culture Stage 6 Syllabus (Doc, 592kbs)

Year 11 Preliminary Society and Culture Assessment Schedule

Year 12 HSC Society and Culture Assessment Schedule