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Stage 5 PDHPE Electives

Stage 5 PDHPE Electives

Stage 5 PDHPE Electives provide students with the opportunity to further explore and develop their interests in sport and fitness. Students have the option to choose from two elective subjects of Physical Activity and Sport Studies (PASS) and our own Fitness (Skills) subject.


Physical Activity And Sport Studies (Pass)

Physical Activity and Sports Studies aims to enhance students’ capacity to participate effectively in physical activity and sport, leading to improved quality of life for themselves and others.

Students engage in a wide range of physical activities in order to develop key understandings about how and why we move and how to enhance quality and enjoyment of movement.


Fitness (Skills)

Fitness skills course aims to develop the knowledge and understanding of fitness that can lead to lifelong improvements in the health and well-being of an individual. It incorporates various aspects of resistance training, circuit training, fitness testing, sport-specific conditioning, and reflection and evaluation of personal fitness goals. Additionally, this course aims to develop and establish positive attitudes and behaviours towards fitness in each individual for their future health and well-being.