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An exciting development in the delivery of Careers Education at East Hills Boys High School is now provided for all students and parents to access at our East Hills Boys careers website. 

Here you will be able to access the most up to date information for career planning and students are encouraged to register in the student secure area to complete their career action plan and develop a career portfolio.

Career Education at East Hills Boys High School provides a framework for students to become equipped with skills to make informed decisions about their learning and work options.

Career Education is an ongoing, integrated process, building on concepts taught to all Year 10 students through work education classes. The program assists students to make decisions about their school and post school education and training options and to discover employment opportunities in paid and unpaid work. The program aims to develop key competencies of personal management, learning and work exploration and career building.

Significant changes in the labour market participation and the expanding range of post school education and training pathways, make the requirements of effective careers education crucial. Our focus is continued development of a strong 'school to work' philosophy within the school, amongst staff and students alike. This involves creating relevance between the skills students acquire in the classroom, with the employer related skills sought after in the workplace. At East Hills Boys High we offer all Year 10 students the opportunity to complete work experience, where they can gain skills for future employment and make decisions regarding their career paths. Students are also provided with an option to complete training at school for the General Construction Induction White Card Course, enabling them to gain work in the building industry.

Our careers focus continues throughout Years 11 and 12, with all students provided access to meet with the Careers Advisor to discuss, and be provided with assistance in making career choices for further education and training options, and to also encourage a smooth transition from high school.

A new addition to our careers’ focus, at East Hills Boys High is the introduction of fortnightly timetabled Post School Pathways lessons for all Year 12 students which allows students to plan their transition from school. These lessons assist students to apply for University and early entry programs, discuss their options for TAFE and private colleges and also learn how to adjust in a new role of further education, training and employment.

We look forward to working with students and parents in creating a positive career path for each student.