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Stage 6 Senior Geography

Geography is an investigation of the world which provides an accurate description and interpretation of the varied character of the earth and its people. It is a key discipline through which students develop the ability to recognise and understand environmental change and the interactions which take place in our world.

Geography has many dimensions, two of which are emphasised in this syllabus:

  • the ecological dimension considers how humans interact with environments
  • the spatial dimension focuses on where things are, why they  are there and how people interact differently with environments in different places.

Geographers investigate the opportunities for human activities, the constraints placed upon them and the impacts of these activities. The study of Geography allows students to perceive the world in a variety of ways and helps them make sense of a complex and changing world.

In this syllabus the term environment describes the ‘total surroundings’. It includes biophysical interactions as well as people in their cultural, social, political and economic contexts. Geographers explore the spatial dimensions of environments examining linkages, flows, associations and patterns. Perceptions of the environment are also influenced by personal experience and information gained from the media and other information technology. These perceptions influence the way people interact with their surroundings affecting our use of resources, environmental management and our attitudes towards sustainability.

Geography is a life-long interest, stimulating a natural curiosity about how and why the world’s people and their environments are so varied. There are four primary reasons why students should study the subject of Geography:

  • by definition, Geography provides knowledge of the earth and helps people to plan and make decisions about the spatial dimensions of the world
  • Geography provides an intellectual challenge to reach a deeper understanding of the variable character of life on our planet
  • with a strong grasp of Geography, students are well prepared to explore issues as informed citizens in a changing world
  • students of Geography develop skills and understandings transferable and applicable to the world of work.

Studies in both physical and human geography provide an important information base on which students investigate contemporary geographical issues to explore why spatial and ecological differences exist, the importance of effective management and how they may take an active role in shaping future society. Clarifying, analysing, acquiring and judging values and attitudes allows students to respond to geographical issues, questions and problems. Studying Geography Stage 6 prepares students for post-school studies and future employment, and for active participation as informed citizens. 

Geography Stage 6 Syllabus (PDF, 233.1kbs)

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