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Food Technology

Course Description

The study of Food Technology provides students with a broad knowledge of food properties, processing, preparation, nutritional considerations and consumption patterns. It addresses the importance of hygiene, safe working practices and legislation in relation to the production of food. Students develop food-specific skills, which can be applied in a range of contexts enabling students to produce quality food products. The course also provides students with contexts through which to explore the richness, pleasure and variety food adds to life and how it contributes to both vocational and general life experiences.

What students learn

Students learn about food in a variety of settings, enabling them to evaluate the relationships between food, technology, nutritional status and the quality of life.

The major emphasis of the Food Technology syllabus is on students exploring food-related issues through a range of practical experiences, allowing them to make informed and appropriate choices with regard to food. Students develop the ability and confidence to design, produce and evaluate solutions to situations involving food. They learn about Work Health and Safety issues, and learn to select and use appropriate ingredients, methods and equipment safely and competently.

Students learn about food through the following focus areas:

  • Food in Australia
  • Food Equity
  • Food Product Development
  • Food Selection and Health
  • Food Service and Catering
  • Food for Specific Needs
  • Food for Special Occasions
  • Food Trends.

Students undertake a range of practical experiences that occupy the majority of course time. Practical experiences allow students to develop skills and confidence in the use of a range of equipment.