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Out of area enrolment criteria

The staff and students of East Hills Boys High School warmly welcome your enrolment enquiries.

Over the years, staff at the high school have noted trends in the application forms that have made it difficult for us to make decisions about the enrolment of students. At times, this has led to the school declining an application due to lack of information.

It is recommended that the following steps are adhered to in order to expedite your enrolment application:

Step 1

In the place provided for you to make a statement about your son and his wish to attend our school, please make certain that you address the following seven criteria:

  • have an interest in and enthusiasm for boys education
  • have a good record in contributing to their former school's ideals and ethos
  • have demonstrated a commitment to learning
  • be a responsible person
  • be a well-behaved student
  • be an individual who is conscious of the rights of others within their school and the community.

Enrolments are judged upon how each student meets these criteria. We understand that adolescent boys may not be able to meet all criteria through their primary school experiences, so please indicate how some criteria may be met through home or community activities. Any evidence which supports your son's achievements for any of the above criteria should also be included with the application.

Step 2

It is optional for the primary school principal to make a comment on your son's application form. It is to your son's advantage to ensure that your primary school's principal makes as detailed a comment as possible regarding your son's general character and potential suitability for our school.

Step 3

Please attach evidence of your son's academic record (the previous two reports – usually Semester 1 and Semester 2 of Year 5), his performance in the NAPLAN tests, and any other documents or certificates that support any or all of the enrolment criteria mentioned above. Please make certain that any photocopies are clear and legible. Please note that academic records are used to guide the school in catering for the needs of your child.