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Special Education

Special Education Faculty

In the Special Education Faculty (SEF) at East Hills Boys High School, staff strive to deliver a mainstream syllabus, where possible, to our students. As a result, the curriculum is modified where necessary, and delivered in a safe, nurturing environment.


Staff and SLSO’s:

  • deliver modified curriculum to your children
  • work towards relevant stage/age outcomes
  • develop and nurture independent life skills
  • provide a safe learning environment for your children
  • identify and develop strategies to achieve individual social, academic and personal goals
  • create opportunities for students to strive and excel through individualised learning


We are proud to offer a variety of programs that supplement daily learning, and further develop students’ life skills, particularly working towards independent living and self regulation of emotions.


Special Programs

  • Externally Funded Service Providers - Parents can make a request to the school to access outside services for their child during school hours (ie Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Exercise Physiology or Specialist Behaviour Support).
  • Community Access program -  Fortnightly experience which fosters and develops life skills in students. Specifically, travel training,  working with money and communication skills.


  • Modified sports program - Alternative sport program which enables noise and crowd sensitive students to participate in whole grade/elective sport in a smaller, supported environment.


  • Sensory program - Time integrated into lessons where students have the opportunity to reset to re-engage with learning.


  • SEF camp - An annual camp providing students an opportunity to join in the development milestone of high school, whilst developing independence and building of life skills.